Reader Meridian
PIN 7886

I am an experienced and highly intuitive tarot reader. Our journey through life can be difficult at time and confusing. I have found tarot to be a useful tool for insight and guidance and this reflects in my readings which show how to get through the dark times to a more positive, calm and happier future. I am a compassionate person and have an understanding approach when dealing with people. I have complete trust in my tarot cards and my insight. I gain strength and energy from this.

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Questions and Answers

What spiritual skills do you have?

Tarot and clairsentience.

What languages do you speak?


What can I expect from my reading with you?

Honesty, compassion, understanding and a friendly person to talk to.

Describe your journey into the psychic world

I have been interested in tarot for many, many years. I frequently knew beforehand when things were going to happen.

What prompted you to start giving readings?

Friends started to ask me to do readings and I did. A few weeks/months later, they would be amazed at how much I told them had come to pass.

What are your experience and qualifications?

I have been doing Tarot readings for many years. I have also passed on my knowledge, wisdom and guidance to other psychic people to help them become good readers.

What is your most memorable psychic experience?

A memorable psychic experience was when I went to bed one evening. I just closed my eyes and was shown many people quite clearly. These people weren't shown to me altogether but one after the other. I know that these are the people I do or will do readings for.

Why do you give readings through this service?

I give readings through Kooma as 95% of the time the customers are kind people who really want to be given guidance. I have also built up a good rapport with my regulars and I feel I have become a friend. Also the fact that I can work when I want is a huge advantage and not being told that I will have to work certain days and hours. I really appreciate the flexibility with Kooma and because of that I know I give my best readings to the customers.

How do you use the tarot cards as a spiritual tool?

I use the tarot as a spiritual tool in my readings. I will say what I am being given and will turn a tarot card over from the pack. This will add confirmation that I am in tune with the customer and add more clarity to the situation. I completely trust my tarot deck to get me on the right track with what I am saying. I find my tarot deck an invaluable tool for specific questions from customers and I know I am giving the right answer to that question. I also use the tarot cards for timescales for when things may happen.

How do your visions manifest themselves?

I would not say I am clairvoyant as this is an infrequent thing with me. However I am a clairsentient as I feel things so much more than seeing them. This is with me all the time, but it is stronger when I am using my tarot cards.

What makes you typical of your star sign?

I use astrology all the times in my readings. I am typical of my star sign Libra as I strive for balance in my life and I cannot abide deceit. I am friendly, out-going and I love beautiful things. I was born on the cusp with Scorpio, so I do have a bit of the traits of this water sign but on the whole I am more Libran than Scorpio.

Customer feedback

  • ive got great teeth
    wonderful reading
    29/03/2019 12:21:41
  • Thank you x
    Thanks for my reading, I’ll try to watch and wait patiently x
    05/02/2018 11:29:52
  • VG reader
    It's my 2nd reading with Meridian. I was confused about two situations and her hints helped me worked them out. She picks up on issues very well and comes up with hints which you find really worthwhile, and her personal style is very friendly, soft and undemanding. I think she's great.
    26/11/2017 18:20:08
  • Nice reader
    Lovely reader and was correct on certain aspects buy wasn't correct with the job offer....infact opposite happened ...disappointed thanks anyway
    12/09/2017 16:18:49
  • Very worthwhile reading
    I wish I could give six stars. Picks up thinks quickly. Comes across as soft, genuine, moderate. Has very perceptive views with a positive slant that make you feel you've gained valuable insight from the reading which you can use to do better in your life. And her nice style of delivery is therapeutic. So you end up feeling stronger, more optimistic and more relaxed. Well done!
    30/06/2017 19:34:07

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