Reader Lee
PIN 5816

Hello I am a psychic clairvoyant medium who works with Aengus who is a Scottish guide. I also work with Universal Laws Artistic Records Past Lives and with soul mate and twin flame energy. I also work with astrology and I m a universal laws expert dealing with finances, love and work

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Questions and Answers

What spiritual skills do you have?

Been working in the industry over 10 years now. I work with Ascended Masters, Angels, Astrology And The Universal Energies. I put entertainment into your readings and brighten your day. I'm a clairvoyant, medium

What languages do you speak?


What can I expect from my reading with you?

With a reading you can expect validations, clarity, warm welcome, and solutions to your situations, through Ascended Masters And Angelic Guidance.

Describe your journey into the psychic world

Its quite an honour to come back to Kooma where i first started. I have quite an awesome journey spiritual journey learning about universe how it works how we can use it to gain our dreams and goals. Going to different areas of the spiritual world has give me a better insight to help you the client.

What prompted you to start giving readings?

My readings is about helping and wanting to help people.

What are your experience and qualifications?

I have a number of years experience

What is your most memorable psychic experience?

A lady lovely lady came through for a reading and I started singing Rod Stewarts I Am Sailing the lady replied how did you know what I was going to ask oh my God. The question was would her boyfriend make it home for Christmas from Afghanistan he was in the navy.

Why do you give readings through this service?

I use Kooma to help more people

How do you use the tarot cards as a spiritual tool?

I use Angel cards and Astrology and Ascended Masters what they give me through my sense I check the with cards for more clarity.

How do the spirits show themselves to you?

I see them

How do your visions manifest themselves?


Customer feedback

  • Unique and Priceless Reader
    I've just had another reading with Lee, who was calm, patient and showed great focus, as well as being kind about my energy. He was very open, honest and went into fine detail, so the reading was very helpful to me and gave me valuable insight. Lee has undoubtedly got a genuine connection with spirit and the advice from his guide/s was interesting and valuable. He's a great teacher in his craft. I hope his prediction comes to pass. It's a shame we got cut off, before my last question was answered. Next time. Highly recommended. Well worth a try. Thanks Lee! Bright light and love, S.
    26/07/2019 23:44:20
  • Perfect
    Lee you are wonderful so thank you for your predictions.. it has been a very tough road but what you said came true and I’m okay. I’m ever so grateful for your support and guidance and knowing my Sasha is at PEACE.. Will speak again but just need to have time to heal.. guys you MUST have a reading with this wonderful man. Much love sent Lee X
    16/06/2019 10:32:26
  • Great reader
    I’ve had a few readings with Lee and I love how direct and straight to the point with all my questions he is. His connections to my loved ones that have passed have been spot on also the dilemmas I’m currently dealing with have very insightful! I’m sure I’ll be speaking with him again when I need to!
    13/06/2019 10:54:44
  • Amazing!!!!
    This guy is bloody outstanding in his predictions and channelling. No bullshit or fairytales - just good honest matter of fact!!! Yes, he is unique...yes, he can sometimes talk loudly (because he is passionate) ...and yes, he is weird!!! But, do you know what!!! That is what I love about him.... If you want the truth - CALL HIM....
    08/06/2019 15:17:21
  • Fantastic
    I have to say that Lee has got just as many predictions correct as other top star readers. I have had numerous readings with them all. Lee can sound loud and forceful (so would benefit him to change and lower that, as can be unsettling if your sensitive) BUT, he is just very passionate and quirky and his heart is in the right place for sure. He certainly has a great gift and won’t tell you fairytale predictions if they are not there (like others do) and certainly is connected to spirit for sure. He is one of those hidden gems that hasn’t yet had the full recognition he deserves so Lee, just try to tone your volume down and I believe you will get busier because you certainly have a great gift of channelling X
    02/06/2019 09:42:45

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